Andrew P. Male 15 Years Old Before and After Metal Braces | Crowding and Crossbite


Andrew P, male, 15 years old.

Dental Problem(s):

  • Class I malocclusion.
  • Anterior cross bite.
  • Moderate upper and lower space efficiency.
  • Constricted maxilla.

Doctors Notes:

Treatment Plan:

  • Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment with Fixed Appliances.
  • Non Extraction to give the patient a nicer and fuller smile.
  • Correct the cross bite.
  • Alleviate space deficiency.
  • Expand upper arch.

Treatment Results:

  • Ideal Class I occlusion was established with ideal overbite and overjet.
  • Cross bite corrected.
  • Upper and lower teeth were perfectly aligned.

Orthodontic Treatment:

metal braces

Treatment Length:

23 months

Treatment Cost:

  • Total before insurance – $3,500
  • Approved by New York State Medicaid, 100% coverage
  • Remaining Balance – $0

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Additional Info:


79 Avenue U Brooklyn, NY


Dr. Paresh Shah