Anna K. Female 17 Before and After Invisalign Treatment | Deep Overbite


Anna K, female, 17 years old.

Dental Problem(s):

  • Class I malocclusion.
  • Space deficiency on the upper and lower arches.
  • Deep impinging overbite resulting complete coverage of lower front teeth.

Doctors Notes:

Treatment Plan:

  • Full invisalign treatment.
  • Intrusion of upper and lower anterior teeth to open the bite.
  • Extrusion of lower posterior teeth to facilitate bite opening and to increase the lower third of the face resulting in a better proportional facial structures.
  • Alignment of upper and lower anterior teeth.
  • Establishing of ideal Class I occlusion.
  • Upper and Lower permanent retainers and upper removable retainer were used.

Treatment Results:

  • Class I ideal occlusion established.
  • Ideal overbite and overjet achieved.
  • Great aesthetic and functional improvement accomplished.
  • 30 trays were used in total.

Orthodontic Treatment:


Treatment Length:

12 months

Treatment Cost:

  • Total before insurance – $5,000
  • Down payment – $1.000
  • Remaining Balance – $4,000
  • Monthly Payments – $330/month

Full Story In Pictures:

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Additional Info:


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Dr. Oleg Drut