Arina B, Female 13 Before and After Ceramic Braces Treatment | Crowding


Arina B, female, 13 years old.

Dental Problem(s):

  • Excessive overbite.
  • Space Deficiency on the Upper and Lower Arche.
  • Locked out Upper Left Canine.
  • Upper and Lower Midline were not Aligned.

Doctors Notes:

  • Space Deficiency Resolved.
  • Ideal Class I Occlusion Established.
  • Upper and Lower Midlines were Aligned.
  • Upper and Lower Bonded Retainers placed.
  • Upper Removable Retainer given to the patient as well for the night use.

Orthodontic Treatment:

ceramic braces

Treatment Length:

24 months

Treatment Cost:

  • Total before insurance – $4,700 including clear upper braces
  • Insurance coverage – $1,000 (Cigna Life Max)
  • Down payment – $1,000
  • Remaining Balance – $2,700
  • Monthly Payments – $160/month for 17 months at 0% interest

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Additional Info:


Avenue U Brooklyn NY


Dr. Rouzbeh Voussoughi