Caring for Retainers at Home

InvisalignTeeth might move during the beginning of wearing a retainer and will usually stabilize later. If you want your teeth to stay in their perfect position, long term wear is recommended, at the very least, it is recommended that you wear your retainers every other night for as long as possible.

Come and see us every six months for the next two years after your braces are removed. Make sure to bring your retainers with you when you come in for your appointment. These visits are complimentary from us and will not cost you anything. We want you to have the peace of mind that your teeth and your bite remain healthy after your braces come off.

For All Retainers:

  • All retainers allow for some settling and minor teeth movements. This is normal.
  • Speech is affected during the beginning of wearing a retainer and usually improves over time.
  • Teeth may relapse during the beginning of wearing a retainer. If you want your teeth to stay in their perfect position, we recommend wearing retainers every night for as long as possible.
  • Replacement retainers will be needed as retainers wear with time. There is a charge for replacement.
  • Lost retainers, not wearing retainers or carelessness with retainers will incur a fee for replacement or retreatment. Please take care of your retainer.
  • Place retainer in your case when you are eating or brushing. Keep retainers away from pets.
  • Do not leave your retainer in an extremely hot or cold area.
  • If your retainer is broken, lost, or not fitting as it should, contact us immediately to schedule an appointment. It is your responsibility to come in.  If you wait, you might need more treatments to correct misaligned teeth, which is very costly and time consuming.

Clear Transparent Plastic Retainers (removable)

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plastic retainer
  • Remove from the sides, NOT the front.
  • Clean with mild soap, not toothpaste or pure mouthwash.
  • To clean, soak retainers in  a mix of half water and half of Listerine for an hour.
  • You can also use denture tables to soak and clean.
  • Only use cold water (not warm or hot).
  • Do not bend or squeeze your retainer, as it can crack and break. Wear your retainers 24/7 for the first week, but be sure to REMOVE them when eating, consuming sugary drinks, brushing, or playing sports.
  • Wear the retainer first full week full time day and night except when brushing, eating, or drinking. After the first week, wear the retainer at nighttime only for 2 years. Wear the retainer every other night starting with the 3rd year and on.
  • If the retainer is lost or broken, please set up an appointment to see us.

Plastic and Metal Wire Retainers (removable)

Metal Wire Retainer
  • Remove from the sides, NOT the front
  • Clean with mild soap, not toothpaste or pure mouthwash
  • To clean, soak retainers in a mix of half water and half Listerine for an hour
  • You can use denture tablets to soak and clean
  • Use only cold water (not warm or hot)
  • Wear 24/7 for three to six months, but be sure to remove when eating, consuming sugary drinks, brushing, or playing sports
  • Use your retainer at nighttime when you sleep. After 6 months of full-time wear, wear your retainer at least every other night for as long as possible.

Fixed Retainers (glued, wire)

Fixed retainer
  • This is the best retainer option
  • These are used for long term treatment
  • They are semi-permanent
  • They stay in place at all times and can be removed by us or a dentist
  • They do not harm the teeth.  The area around them has to be kept clean.
  • We recommend using a Waterpik machine to clean this retainer rather than floss (as floss can get caught in the wire and can break the retainer).
  • Use floss threaders if you’d prefer to use floss. Slide the floss out from the front.  Do not pull floss up and out or you will pop and break the glue from the retainer.
  • See your dentist every six to twelve months for cleanings and checkups.
  • If you feel that any glue has come off, see us immediately

Why Choose Vivera Retainers?

Vivera retaners is a great option for those of your who refuse to have a permanent bonded retainers. Vivera retainers are custom made for you and constructed by Invisalign.

They fit precisely and are very comfortable. They are made of 30% stronger material than other comparable retainers. These retainers are very durable and have a very low risk of breaking.

The advantages of Vivera retainers

  • Made by the same company that produces Invsalign
  • Clear and comfortable
  • Last for a long time
  • Total of 8 trays are delivered (4 for the top and 4 for the button teeth)
  • Removable


  • Cost extra due to Invisalign’s charges for production
  • Patient needs to follow all of the orthodontist’s instructions.