Case Studies: Before and After Ceramic Braces Treatment

ceramic bracesCeramic braces consist of a wire and tooth colored brackets (as opposed to metal braces where the brackets are visible). The most noticeable difference between metal braces and ceramic braces is the visibility element. Ceramic braces are intended to give the appearance of less metal in one’s mouth. Diamond Braces only uses Clarity ceramic brackets, which are the best clear brackets on the market today. Ceramic braces are made of real porcelain and feel very comfortable. Functionally, they work identically to metal braces. They are very reliable and efficient and almost never break. If breakage does occur, they are easy to replace. The case studies below were taken from real Diamond Braces patients who were successfully treated with ceramic braces.

Read about different case studies from real Diamond Braces patients containing valuable informative information such as treatment length, treatment cost and doctor’s notes. This information is intended as an educational resource about ceramic braces orthodontic treatment.

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