Celia C, Before and After Metal Braces | Crowding, Impacted Teeth, Overbite, Crossbite


Celia C, female, 11 years old.

Dental Problem(s):

  • Class I malocclusion.
  • Severe space deficiency on the upper and lower arches.
  • Impacted upper canines.
  • Deep overbite.

Doctors Notes:

Treatment Plan:

  • Comprehensive orthodontic treatment with fixed appliances.
  • Non Extraction treatment
  • Bring upper canine into alignment

Treatment Results:

  • Class I canine occlusion was established.
  • Nice, attractive, broad smile accomplished

Orthodontic Treatment:

metal braces

Treatment Length:

25 months

Treatment Cost:

  • Total – $4,500 payable in 24 months

Full Story In Pictures:

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Additional Info:


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Dr. Robert Lorino