Sisters Getting Braces at Staten Island Office. Way to go guys!


It is always great fun when we get a siblings coming in for treatment together to our Staten Island NY Orthodontic Office They not only keep us in splits, but also help motivate each other. Sometimes they act like rivals and compete with each other and at other times, they support each other like no one else can. Ashley and Briana are sisters who have come in for bonding of their braces. We are sure it is going to be great fun for the sisters to get their teeth straightened simultaneously.

Ashley is twelve and wants to have straight teeth. She loves playing softball and wishes to play at the professional level. Dr. Palaganos at our Staten Island orthodontic facility examined her and suggested comprehensive treatment with ceramic or metal braces for her. She chose to get metal braces and has come in for the bonding of her braces. Her estimated treatment duration is eighteen months.

Briana is 10 years old and will be treated by Dr. Palaganos as well. She has also come in for bonding today and her motivation for getting orthodontic treatment is to have a better smile especially when she is older. She also has been suggested comprehensive treatment with ceramic or metal braces. She has also decided to go with metal braces like her sister. After bonding, she will have to wear them for approximately eighteen months and then both sisters will be moved to the retention phase. Briana is a fifth grader, who likes to swim and hopes to become a lawyer. We love the fact that she has set her goals early and wish her great success.

Both the sisters will complete their treatment approximately at the same time and it will be nice to watch them discuss all the changes in each other as the treatment progresses. The Diamond Braces team at the Staten Island office is rooting for them.