Payment Options at Diamond Braces

At Diamond Braces, we are committed to making orthodontic care both affordable and accessible for our patients. We believe that everyone deserves a healthy, confident smile and we work hard to help our patients achieve this goal.

During your initial visit, one of our licensed orthodontists will examine you, speak to you, order necessary radiographs and photographs and determine if orthodontic care is needed or should be postponed. If care should be postponed due to dental limitations, a patient will be referred to a necessary specialist for preliminary treatment prior to orthodontic treatment.

If care should be postponed due to age limitation, such as many baby teeth present or a patient being too young, you will be scheduled to come back in 6 to 12 months, depending on the age factors.

If the orthodontist determines that treatment is indeed needed, our experienced treatment coordinator will explain the next steps for starting treatment and answer any and all questions about your insurance coverage.

At Diamond Braces, we do accept all insurances and bill your insurance on your behalf. We will submit all the necessary paperwork and obtain pre-authorization so you do not need to worry about this part. All you have to do is maintain your eligibility throughout the treatment. If your insurance does not cover 100% of the total cost of treatment, we can provide you with flexible payment plans that start as low as $88 per month based on the treatment type, length, and what your insurance covers.

We also include many extras without any additional cost to you that apply only to Diamond Braces clients.

For a typical comprehensive orthodontic case lasting up to 24 months, we include:

  1. All necessary records such as radiographs, 3D scans of your teeth and bite, and photographs
  2. Full set of clear aligners or fixed appliances (braces)
  3. All appointments
  4. All emergency visits, whenever necessary, are included and no extra charges apply
  5. One set of retainers – usually semi-permanent or bonded (more expensive ones)
  6. Removable retainer
  7. 12 months of after treatment check-ups
  8. Lifetime Smile Maintenance Guarantee from Diamond Braces
  9. Bleaching kit with our Invisalign care
  10. Teeth varnish every 6 months – this is done only with fixed appliances, such as braces, and helps to protect your teeth from “white spots” lesions and prevents cavities
  11. Repair of any brackets that break by accident will be done free of charge

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