Tips for Picking Braces Colors

Choosing colors for your braces is fun for many, but it can also be a tough decision. Patients can pick from any color of the rainbow to stand out from the crowd or to make the most of their braces while they last. Remember, colors are provided at no cost to patients at Diamond Braces.

To make braces fun, think of using any interesting color patterns or even using different colors for the top and bottom teeth. Whatever pattern you choose will be the pattern you will use until your next appointment, when you can decide to keep the same color combination or choose another. Regardless, it is best to come to the appointment prepared with your color choice to save time.

Our team of orthodontists has worked with many patients and seen some great ideas for picking colors. If you’re still having trouble deciding, don’t worry. Remember you can always switch to other colors at your next appointment. During your appointment, ask for a color wheel or check with your orthodontist about which colors are available. Diamond Braces offers red, turquoise, blue, green, white, orange, purple, pink, as well as many other colors. Here are some tips and tricks to help you pick out the perfect colors for your braces.

What are some possible braces colors to choose?

  • Flag colors (e.g. USA – red, white, and blue)
  • Your favorite colors
  • Your school colors
  • Colors of your favorite sports team
  • Color of your eyes or hair
  • Colors to match clothing, accessories, or shoes

Matching Your Skin Color and Facial Features

Selecting colors based on your hair color, eyes and skin tone isn’t very difficult. Those with darker hair colors and skin tones would probably look best in colors like teal, gold, blue, green, purple, light green, light blue, pink or silver. People with light features tend to go well with colors like yellow, white, dark blue, light blue, shades of green, brown, orange or pink.

Not All Braces Colors are Created Equal

  • Clear-colored bands may be prone to looking differently as time goes on. Food often gets stuck between braces and becomes more visible with clear bands. Over time, the clear bands can stain to a yellowish color. Certain foods like soda or beets can dye the bands. Taking good care of your teeth and following your doctor’s instructions can prevent these issues.
  • Other colors like white, gold, yellow and black can make teeth appear more yellow than they are. Unless teeth are a brighter white, white colored bands can highlight yellow undertones in teeth.
  • On the other hand, some darker colors can actually make teeth look whiter.

Darker Colored Braces

Darker colors can actually make your teeth look whiter. Colors like dark blue, dark purple, and dark green can bring out the whiter shades of teeth.

Whichever colors you choose, remember that you can switch them at your next appointment if you are unhappy with your choice. Keep your braces experience interesting with different color choices and combinations. There’s no right or wrong answer about what colors look best — it’s all up to you.

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