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What to Eat and What Not to Eat While Wearing Braces?

What to Eat and What Not to Eat While Wearing Braces?

Research shows that braces are one of the most popular orthodontic treatments for the teeth. But, for a successful treatment, you need to take good care of your braces.

There are certain foods you can and can’t eat when you wear braces. It is important to know that some foods can damage the brackets or wires. Others will stain your teeth and make them look yellow.

When that happens, it will be extremely difficult for you to keep the brackets clean after every meal. It will have a negative effect on your smile, and your braces won't look pretty. That's why you will need to get them fixed. Don't worry, and your orthodontist will make sure everything is back to normal.

But, to avoid such a hassle, it is best that you pay attention to what you eat. Fortunately, there are plenty of foods you can choose from. They are both healthy and tasty.

Many patients often forget that the braces are not attached to their teeth with super glue. Instead, the orthodontist will use gentle glue to make sure everything is in place. If they use some sort of super glue to attach the braces, it will be impossible to remove them later, and the teeth can break during braces removal.

That is exactly why you need to pay attention to the foods you eat, especially when wearing braces. Getting the best results from the treatment as fast as possible should be your primary goal. If you break the braces, you will only postpone the treatment process. So, be gentle with them.

Take good care of your braces if you want to get fast results. Here is how you can do that.

What Not to Eat with Braces?

What Not to Eat with Braces

There are certain foods you definitely need to pay attention to. Some are very sticky. They will get easily attached to your braces, and you won't be able to get them out, no matter how hard you try. Others are very solid. They are so strong they could break the braces.

That is why you should definitely stay away from such snacks like chocolate, cookies, and candy. Even though nuts, in general, are healthy food and people should consume them in abundance, it is not the same with braces.

If you are wearing braces, you should stay away from nuts. These healthy treats are very hard on the braces. They can destroy the wires due to their hard surface. That’s exactly the same case with most candies.

Every single type of candy that is too chewy, sticky, hard, or gummy is something you should stay away from. They taste wonderful but will destroy your braces in no time. So, stay away from Skittles, caramel, jelly beans, taffy, Twizzlers, and Tootsie Rolls.

One of the most important foods you must never eat is gum. Gum is a big no-no for anyone who wears braces. Seriously, they are the worst thing you can eat. They will get stuck in between every single wire. It will be impossible to remove it.

Research has proven time and time again that candy, like chocolate, hard candy, and gums will cause dental erosion. This is extremely common in children.

Another snack you should avoid is popcorn. Many of us love going to the movies and enjoy nice salty popcorn. But, if you wear braces, this is the type of food you don’t want to eat. It is so small it will get stuck everywhere.

Also, any hard crusts like bread crusts are something you should avoid. If you eat soft and mushy bread, that’s fine. But, crusts are difficult to handle with braces.

Don’t bite whole fruits and veggies. If you want to eat them, you should cut them in bite-size pieces, like pears and apples. However, there is one raw veggie you should stay away from, even if it is very healthy, and that is the carrot. Raw carrots are very crunchy. Crunchy food is terrible for braces, even if they are good for health.

So, anything that is too sticky, crunchy, hard, and chewy is not good for braces. Here is a full list of all the foods you should avoid:

  • Candy 
  • Chocolate 
  • Corn on the cob
  • Gum 
  • Hard bread crust
  • Hard snacks and chips
  • Hard cookies
  • hard meat
  • Ice
  • Nuts
  • Popcorn
  • Raw carrots
  • Whole fruits (like pears and apples)
  • Whole pickles 

What to Eat with Braces?

What to Eat with Braces

When you wear braces, it is important that you eat soft food you can easily chew. This food should be cut into pieces and shouldn't stick to the surface of the braces. Luckily, there are plenty of foods you can eat while wearing braces.

According to research, eating soft foods with a sufficient amount of nutrients will help avoid teeth sensitivity.

Anything that is soft and mushy is great like rice, mashed potatoes, puddings, yogurt, Jello, and ice-cream. See? You won’t have to give up all the good treats to take care of your braces. In fact, there are plenty of tasty treats you can eat that won’t affect your teeth.

If you love eating fruit, you should eat soft fruits like blueberries, grapes, watermelon, raspberries, etc.

There are many you can choose from that will be perfect for your health and teeth. Here is a list of the foods you can eat:

  • Boiled or steamed veggies 
  • boneless seafood 
  • Eggs
  • hamburgers
  • Hot dogs
  • Ice cream
  • Jello
  • Mashed potatoes
  • muffins 
  • pancakes
  • Pasta
  • Peanut butter
  • persimmons
  • puddings 
  • Rice
  • Soft bread  
  • Soft cheese
  • Soft fruits 
  • Tomatoes 
  • Yogurt


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