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Dr. Brittany Swiderski - Orthodontist

Dr. Brittany Swiderski, OrthodontistSay hello to Dr. Brittany Swiderski, Diamond Braces Orthodontist!

Originally from Buffalo, New York, Dr. Swiderski attended Stonybrook University for her undergraduate education, and then back up to Buffalo for dental school. She did her residency in Detroit, Michigan, and now she’s happy to be working with Diamond Braces on Long Island!

She wants people to know that there’s a lot more to being an orthodontist than just straightening teeth! “Everyone who walks through the door is a puzzle,” she tells us. Everyone’s case is unique, and the orthodontist has to design a treatment plan and a timeline that leads to success for that specific patient!

She wants to remind folks that proper oral hygiene is an important practice for your whole life, because poor dental care earlier in life can lead to serious problems later in life. “The time to keep your teeth clean is as soon as possible – so you can have a functioning smile and a functioning bite.” Good tips, Dr. Swiderski!

When she’s not hard at work at Diamond Braces, Dr. Swiderski loves to travel, sharpen her photography skills, and snuggle with her cat, Sally. This year she went to Europe for the first time, exploring Italy and Sicily. She especially loved Rome with its thousands of years of history. She’s a fan of hit TV shows like This Is Us and Chicago PD – but she’ll never say no to a singalong with the blockbuster musical Hamilton!

We’re thrilled Dr. Swiderski’s on our team at Diamond Braces! 

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