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Dr. Julia Jeong - Orthodontist

Dr. Julia Jeong, Orthodontist

Meet Dr. Julia Jeong, Diamond Braces Orthodontist!

Dr. Jeong hails all the way from California – and she’s had quite an amazing journey along the way to New York.

After attending the University of Berkeley, she earned her master’s in Medical Sciences from Boston University. She became interested in dentistry while doing medical research in Boston. She obtained her dentistry degree from Tuft’s University, and actually had orthodontic treatment herself while she was in school! The transformation of her own smile inspired her to become an orthodontist, and she furthered her studied in orthodontics at the University of Michigan. Now she’s happy to be working as an orthodontist with Diamond Braces.

Dr. Jeong loves to travel, and several years ago she took an inspiring trip to Italy and France. Her trip to Rome was particularly moving, she tells us, because it connected her to her Catholic roots as she explored the Vatican and the beautiful cathedrals throughout the city. She’s had to take a break from traveling, however, because she’s a new mom! Her baby boy is 6 months old and she’s loving spending time with him as he grows. Congrats, Dr. Jeong!

Dr. Jeong wants adult patients to know that it’s never too late for a beautiful and healthy smile! As an adult patient herself (she got her braces in her late twenties), she saw firsthand how braces can transform your life at any age.

As an orthodontist, she’s treated patients of all ages. One of her patients recently achieved her dream smile – at 73 years old! “It’s never too late to go through orthodontic treatment.” Dr. Jeong tells us. “It will benefit you for the rest of your life.”

We’re so glad to have Dr. Jeong on our team.

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