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Dr. Renee Pompei - Orthodontist

Dr. Renee, Orthodontist

Meet Dr. Renee Pompei, Diamond Braces Orthodontist! 

Dr. Pompei is proud to be a member of the Diamond Braces team.

Born in Alexandria, Virginia, she attended College of William & Mary, before heading to the big city for dental school at Columbia University, followed by an orthodontic residency at Tufts University in Boston, MA.

Dr. Pompei tells us she chose orthodontics because it offers a unique opportunity to connect with patients. “You see your patients on a regular basis – you watch them grow, you watch them change, and by the end of two years you really get to know them. That’s very rewarding,”

When she’s not creating beautiful smiles, Dr. Pompei enjoys being active outdoors: whether it’s biking, skiing, running, or more, she loves to get outside and have fun!

She also loves to relax at home with a great Netflix show! Any new shows she recommends? “GLOW, about the ‘gorgeous ladies of wrestling’ – it’s hilarious!”

She encourages anyone interested in braces to go ahead and get them done. After all, she notes, after two years, you’re either going to have the same dissatisfactory smile you’ve always had – “or you’re going to have a smile that’s amazing and projects confidence.”

We’re glad to have Dr. Pompei on the Diamond Braces team!

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