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Teen-Approved, Parent-Approved, Budget-Approved Invisalign

Does your teen need their teeth straightened, but can’t stand the idea of metal braces? We get it! We were teenagers once, too, and we know that appearances are important. And with the selfie craze of social media, keeping your smile photo-ready is an important priority for a lot of adolescents.

That’s where Invisalign Teen comes in.

Patented by Invisalign™ and offered exclusively through partnership with the Invisalign™ brand, Invisalign Teen is designed specifically for growing mouths. Safe, comfortable, and extremely effective, Invisalign Teen offers all the lifelong results of braces, with a discreet, subtle appearance your kids are sure to love.

And with all insurance accepted, flexible low monthly payment plans, and 0% financing, we make beautiful healthy smiles affordable for your family, every step of the way.

Invisalign Teen for Prices up to 30% Less Than the National Average!

Invisalign Teen Begins at $0 Down and $96/Month

All insurance accepted
Direct insurance billing
0% financing
Family discounts
FSA/HSA plans accepted

Diamond Braces is your Local Provider of World-Class Orthodontic Care

Prices Up to 30% Lower Than National Average

All Insurance Plans Accepted

100% US-Trained and Licensed Doctors

25 Offices Throughout Tri-State Area

Customer Service Assistance Available 7 Days a Week

Over 100,000 Patients Served

Thousands of 5-Star Reviews

Lifetime Smile Maintenance Guarantee

Smiles Begin Around the Corner: Expert Invisalign Providers Are in Your Neighborhood!

You don’t need to travel the world for the world’s best orthodontic care – in fact, you don’t even need to leave your community!

Diamond Braces is proud to be a leading provider of high-quality braces & Invisalign for families throughout the Tri-State area. And with locations across New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, we make it easy to get your whole family smiling just around the corner from home!

Choose a location convenient to home and get your teen started on a smile journey that lasts a lifetime.

Our orthodontists are 100% U.S. trained and licensed, and up-to-date on the latest innovations in clear aligner therapy. Diamond Braces has been treating patients with Invisalign for over 20 years: our experience has earned us Invisalign’s highest credential in professional clear aligner care: Diamond Plus Invisalign Providers.

This certification places us in the top 1% of Invisalign providers nationwide – and it means your kids are getting their teeth straightened from the very brightest in the business.

Diamond Braces believes achieving beautiful smiles should be easy, accessible, and affordable. With Invisalign Teen, it’s just that! Keep your kids smiling through treatment and beyond, with clear aligner treatment they’ll love the whole way through.

Comprehensive Invisalign Treatment, Custom-Designed for Growing Mouths

Invisalign Teen provides the same full-service orthodontic care as traditional Invisalign, including follow-up visits and full diagnostic records.

Unlimited number of trays for optimal results

All necessary 3D scans, diagnostic records & refinements, done on-site

Patented SmartTrack™ plastic for improved precision and reliable results

All necessary attachments using trademarked SmartForce™ technology

Braces if necessary, before, during, or after treatment with Invisalign

Final retainers

All necessary orthodontist visits

One-year post treatment follow-ups with in-office orthodontist

Complimentary teeth whitening when you wear your first set of trays

Complimentary Gel Kam toothpaste to prevent cavities and to reduce sensitivity

Invisalign Teen Provides All the Benefits of Metal Braces – And Keeps Them Smiling!

Diamond Braces has been treating patients with Invisalign for over 20 years. In that time, we’ve helped over 100,000 patients achieve lasting, beautiful smiles. We’ve helped thousands of teenagers smile for life with Invisalign Teen. Our experienced Diamond Plus Invisalign Providers, in the top 1% of orthodontists, will ensure your teen is getting the highest-quality treatment with lifelong results.

More and more teenagers are requesting Invisalign Teen as their preferred method of treatment – and achieving their smile dreams for a lifetime! With premium-grade materials, state-of-the-art technology, affordable prices, and the friendliest service in the Tri-State area, Diamond Braces makes it easy for the whole family to smile.

If it’s time to straighten your teenager’s crooked teeth, come in for a complimentary consultation to find the smile solution for your family. Invisalign Teen is safe, easy, effective, and keeps your teen smiling all day long.

A healthy, beautiful smile is key to overall health and a lifetime of happiness and confidence. Help set them on a journey that will benefit them for a lifetime. Invisalign Teen can transform your teenager’s smile! Begin with a complimentary consultation and meet the Diamond Braces team that can make it happen.