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Colorful Choices in Bergenline

Welcome to the family, Esmeily!! It was an absolute pleasure having you in the office. You sure know how to turn a frown upside-down!

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Fun for Families!

Here at Diamond Braces our patients are our priority. Each person who walks through our doors is not simply a patient they are also our family, and it is a families job to take care of each other.

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Braces and Invisalign Orthodontic Services in West New York, NJ

The New York Times once called West New York a place where “working class grit and Manhattan” glitz meet.” We’re proud to have a presence in this unique community, home to 52,000 hardworking people from all walks of life.

We certainly love our little part of it. We also share strip mall space with several great restaurants like the Bocado Express, the Pupusa Local Restaurante and Charlie’s. And there’s great shopping to be had practically everywhere we look.

Orthodontic Services in West New York

All of our orthodontists have earned the “Top 1% Invisalign Provider” distinction. Invisalign itself awards the distinction. They track the number of successful Invisalign treatments each orthodontist completes and use this to rank the providers nationwide. There is no higher distinction than the “Elite” rank, which we have earned. This means you can trust us to get great results for you, just as we’ve achieved fantastic results for our previous patients.

Of course, Invisalign isn’t for everyone. It requires a high degree of treatment compliance and relatively moderate alignment issues. In some cases metal braces, lingual braces or ceramic braces may be a better choice. Contact us to discuss which braces might be right for you.

Affording Orthodontic Care in West New York

We know many of our patients are concerned about whether or not they are going to be able to afford our high-quality orthodontic services.

Fortunately, we take all insurance plans, including Medicaid, when those plans cover our services. We also have payment plans. We’ll even tell you up front how much Invisalign or other braces are likely to cost (about $3000 to $6000) so you can save up for them or work them into your budget as is appropriate to you.

Getting Here

Our West New York office is on the corner of Bergenline Avenue and 60th Street. The entrance is on Bergenline Avenue next to the florist shop, and across the street from the Capital One Bank. Street parking can be difficult to find (though it is available). Most of our patients choose to take public transportation instead, as it’s more convenient.

Take one of the following busses: 22, 84, 89, 156, 159 or 181. Travel either to the “Bergenline Ave at 60th” stop or the “Bergenlien Ave at 59th St.” stop. Walk to the corner of 60th street and Bergenline Avenue. You will see a sign for our office by the flower shop.

Don’t have an appointment yet? Call (201) 662-0662 to set one. We look forward to meeting you!

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