A Day in the Life of Alina, TC/Manager of Staten Island Office

Alina is our TC/manager for our awesome Staten Island Diamond Braces. In September, she will be celebrating her 14 years with Diamond Braces!

Alina spends her day checking insurances, greeting new Diamond Braces patients, discussing what are the financial options available from payment arrangements to care credit, and coordinating patient care and service with all levels of staff. Mornings are filled with educating parents how braces are inserted, reassuring children and teenagers about their decision to perfect their smile, and answer any questions regarding treatment or financial concerns. She looks for the best deals and options for each family because no one should use finances as an excuse to not have a great smile.

Another big responsibility that Alina has is to ensure that every patient is being seen in a timely fashion. One of Diamond Brace’s goals is to never have a patient waiting past their appointment time. Therefore, she must manage the clinical team to make sure the entire day is running smoothly and on schedule. “It can get a little crazy in here some days, sometimes we have dental emergencies or another appointment is running behind. These things can add up, so it’s my job to make sure everyone is happy, but being effective. We want everyone to know their time is valuable to us, we want our patients to feel respected."

Alina is also the in-house cheerleader making sure that relationships and communication between orthodontists and the support staff is cooperative and professional. “Sometimes, I feel like I have handful of kids, but for the most part we all treat each other like family. The thing I have to deal with the most is the goofing off and laughing around since we are all on great terms, I have to be the one that’s like “c’mon guys! Let’s make someone smile right now and I don’t mean each other!”

When asking what her favorite part of her job is, she didn’t hesitate to say “when people start to cry from happiness from seeing their new smile after the braces finally come off. I love seeing the confidence beam over them as they appreciate their new smile. Diamond Braces really believes that everyone deserves a smile, and I love when we make that happen”.

Alina is from Sochi, Russia and she is a wife, mother to a toddler, and a cat lover. Her son gives her so much happiness and has recreated childhood for her as she reads him fairy tales and seeing the world through his eyes. She’s currently trying to teach her son Russian and hopes that she can bring more children into her family soon.

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