A Mom Chooses Braces for Her Son

Iryna Shpindler is not only one of the dental hygienists at Diamond Braces, but she is also a mother to an eleven-year-old son. Iryna recently transitioned from being a student at New York College of Technology and became a full time employee of Diamond Braces. Iryna joined the orthodontics field because it is a unique field of dentistry. Iryna decided to work with Diamond Braces after meeting the team of orthodontists and the assistants, she knew that she would be surrounded by people who take care of their patients.

Iryna has been with Diamond Braces for about a year and after seeing how the staff creates beautiful smiles every day, Iryna was inspired to bring her son in for a consultation. Being a witness and active role in meeting the needs and improving the oral health of a diverse group of people of wide age groups. “As a mom, I selected Diamond Braces to put braces on my son because I know that crooked teeth are harder to keep clean. I did not want my son to be at risk of being subjected to early lost due to cavities and periodontal disease”says Iryna. Initially, Iryna worried that her son may push against the idea of having braces, but to her surprise he was excited to straighten his smile. Being a parent of a patient and experiencing the care and attention to detail at Diamond Braces has been wonderful, I have family members take my sons to appointments when I’m at work and they have pleasurable experiences.

Being a mom of a patient, I’m able to consult with parents and reassure them of the same things that I was worried about. I try to remind parents that smiling is a way of communication without verbal expression. Smiling is part of the first impression our children make with their teachers, classmates, and strangers. Smiling allows our children to build and boost their confidence and promotes a higher chance of self-esteem which is critical in the early childhood and teenagers.

Are you a mom wanting to give your sons and daughters a beautiful smile? At Diamond Braces, we’re parents too and we understand wanting to give the best to our children. We’ve got locations in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut waiting to meet your family.

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