Another Great Staff Smile in the Making

Adrian is beaming from ear to ear after recently deciding that getting braces was the next big step for him in his efforts to be healthier. At the age of 24, Adrian made the decision to finally become a patient at Diamond Braces. He praises Dr. Drut, Diamond Brace’s clinical director for guiding him through his treatment plan and answering the questions and concerns he had.

Adrian has been working with Diamond Braces for a long period time and he is an active part in our mission to give patients their smile back. One random day, Adrian approached the staff and asked for a consultation about his smile and wondered if braces might be a good option for him.

Dr. Drut and Adrian worked side by side to evaluate his case and decide ultimately on metal braces. “Starting orthodontic treatment was a little daunting at first, I encourage people to do it daily. However, when it was my turn, I was hesitant and nervous. What really secured my decision to get braces was how reassuring my coworkers were and knowing that not only was my current smile not attractive, but it could cause major health issues for me down the line in my 30s or 40s.” says Adrian.

He chose metal braces over Invisalign because he admitted that he would likely forget to place the trays back in his mouth after eating. He wanted to most effective treatment plan without having to remember daily to use his trays. We’re finding that Adrian is smiling more and is more confident than ever before as he is consistently smiling and showing off his braces.

When Adrian isn’t helping smiles improve, he’s working out in a pool or at a local gym. Being that he cares immensely about his physical health, it’s only natural that he’s taking incredible care of his oral health as well. We expect his treatment to conclude in a few short months and we can’t wait to see his perfect smile.

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