A Day in the Life of Diamond Braces’ Clinical Director: Dr. Oleg Drut

18 years ago, Dr. Oleg Drut joined Diamond Braces when the company was just getting started. Fast forward to 2017, Dr. Drut is the clinical director and oversees 18 locations in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. More than anything, he gets up out of bed every day because he believes a smile is a right that everyone should be proud of. His motto for Diamond Braces is “everyone deserves a smile”.

His day starts off the same way most of ours do with an inbox full of emails and coffee. After the caffeine superpowers kick in, he reviews treatment plans for patients, manages insurances preauthorizations, and has back to back meetings with doctors, contractors, and equipment specialists. Once the afternoon strikes, he transitions from director duties to doctor duties and sees patients personally until 7 or 8pm depending on the day. As a husband and father, he’s got a dinner date with his family and has to catch up on the daily happenings and spending quality time with those that he loves. What seems like a long work day isn’t over just yet, Dr. Drut is up late writing clinical protocols, reviewing guidelines, planning the next day, and reviewing treatments.

A 12-16 hour work day is essential to ensure that all of his responsibilities are fulfilled from patient satisfaction, designing and submitting Invisalign checks, and reviewing every case daily to make sure that all of the patients are on track. While most of his staff love the ongoing volunteering opportunities or just love the staff parties, what he looks forward to the most is just heading into the office every day. He says that each time he walks into the office, he’s happy because he thinks of his thousands of happy and healthier patients who he counts as accomplishments. “I have to admit, I also love my work because I met my beautiful wife here, so everyday I’m reminded of that”, as he gushes about his lovely wife.

Being a clinical director at such as large enterprise takes dedication, but he says it’s giving the gift of smile, a trait that is unique to humans that make every day worthwhile. His current challenge and something he is implementing into the Diamond Braces practice is that orthodontic treatment should be a obstacle for anyone regardless of their social economic status. He’s currently working with the financial department to change the fee structures to make treatment affordable for anyone that walks through his doors. Hearing about how lively Dr. Drut’s life is and learning how many hours he works forth at work every day was incredible. Not only is Dr. Drut just a father and a husband, but turns out he has five children, three dogs, one cat, and aquariums! He reminds us, “don’t forget, I’ve got about 100+ more kids all working at Diamond Braces, that staff keeps me busy!”

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