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Introducing South Bronx’s New Office Manager, Lillian Buchel!


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Diamond Braces is so excited to introduce our newest office manager, Lillian Buchel! Lillian has been with the Diamond Braces team for several years as a Treatment Coordinator at our South Bronx office. She’ll continue to support the Bronx team, now as the Office Manager! 

We’re lucky to have someone as experienced and capable as Lillian heading the South Bronx team. With her academic background and prodigious work experience, she is truly an asset to her colleagues and the patients at Diamond Braces. 

Lillian was born in Frankfurt, Germany to Ghanaian parents, but the family relocated to New York when she was young. She completed her undergraduate education at Stonybrook University, and obtained her Master’s degree in Healthcare Policy & Management at Baruch College.

After several management positions in the healthcare field, Lillian joined Diamond Braces as a Treatment Coordinator. She brought with her a set of highly-developed skills that have served her well throughout her career: building a team environment, promoting teamwork among employees, and cultivating staff training.

Diamond Braces has benefitted tremendously from Lillian’s expertise, and Lillian likewise has enjoyed the warm environment and growth potential at Diamond Braces!

“Working at Diamond Braces is enjoyable because of the positive company culture which I’ve had the privilege of contributing to,” she tells us.

She emphasizes the importance of developing strong relationships, professionally and personally, to the success of a company and the employees who help it grow. She enjoys working with patients, and knows that everyone who walks through the door at Diamond Braces is important: as she perfectly puts it, “Everyone deserve a smile!”


She’s excited to continue her work with Diamond Braces South Bronx as an Office Manager. While the position requires a higher level of responsibility and diverse work duties, we know Lillian will rise to the occasion with the same dedication and expertise she has demonstrated as a Treatment Coordinator. We congratulate Lillian on her accomplishments, and we’re so glad she’s chosen to share her talents with Diamond Braces!