Marta’s New Smile

Most people assume that braces are strictly for cosmetic reasons such as gapped or crooked teeth. It wasn’t until Marta started working for Diamond Braces that she learned about how braces can help alleviate and rectify bite issues. “I never thought there was anything wrong with my smile, I knew I had a bite issue, but I didn’t know the extent of what damage could be done if I didn’t treat it”, says Marta.

It was to Marta’s surprise that she learned by working at Diamond Braces that orthodontic treatment not only gives people beautiful smiles, but it improves the health of teeth and gums. What Marta discovered was that bite issues can cause forming speech problems such as a lisp, breathing difficulties, discomfort while eating, and alteration in the appearance of one’s face. By being educated about the trauma having a misaligned bite could cause to her overall oral health and her smile, Marta decided to get braces the same week.

“Initially, I was expecting to be told that it was too late and that there was nothing Diamond Braces could do about my problematic bite because of my age, however they were ready to kickstart my smile journey!” exclaims Marta. It has been six months since her braces were placed and we’re already seeing a tremendous change in her smile, Marta is smiling more and more while being an oral health advocate. We’re expecting to see a full perfect smile within a few months!

Marta says she loves being part of the Diamond Braces family because now she understands our mission to make people happier while changing their lives one smile at a time. “Personally becoming a patient has changed my outlook on not only patient care and service, but it’s allowed me to focus on the aspects of my health that most people overlook such as their teeth”.

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