Meet Bernara, Dental Receptionist at Church Avenue Office

Meet Bernara, she’s one of our receptionists at our Church Avenue in Brooklyn. She joined the company because she was attracted to the large team and the philanthropy we provide to the local communities. Recently, Diamond Braces offered to provide free braces to its employees or deeply discounted Invisalign as part of their mission statement that everyone deserves a beautiful smile. As of May 2017, Diamond Braces is offering all employees complimentary braces and/or discounted Invisalign. This is a new health incentive that supports the overall Diamond Braces and Smilfy mission statement. The clinical director believes if the staff can experience having braces and aligning their teeth for a healthy smile, they will be able to be more supportive of patients and become their own smile ambassadors.

Bernara took Diamond Braces up on its offer the minute the email went out last week offering the new health incentive. Bernara decided to get braces over Invisalign because she said that she felt like the stigma surrounding braces and young adults had faded away. She adds, “I’m also very forgetful, I didn’t want to go half a day without wearing my aligners because I just forgot about it, I want my teeth to be straighten as soon as possible”!

“Two friends of mine have made appointments to get braces too since I’ve gotten mine because they realize everyone is envious of the great smile I’ll have, no one teases each other about “brace-face” anymore.” She admits that nearly a decade ago her dentist recommended her to visit an orthodontist to receive braces, but she never went because of cosmetic and financial reasons. However, times have changed. Braces are more affordable than ever and becoming less noticeable, Invisalign has developed to be nearly invisible.

Bernara jokes that getting braces was her birthday present to herself, after she enjoyed her favorite desserts of course. Bernara says, “I know that once my smile is corrected, I’m going to feel gigantically more confident and comfortable. Right now, I am conscious of the fact that my smile isn’t where a healthy smile should be. It’s not just about straight teeth it’s about overall oral health.”

thanks Diamond Brace’s clinical director, Dr. Drut for making the opportunity available to the entire Diamond Braces and Smilify staff and their immediate faces. “Dr. Drut wants to smilify the entire community of New Jersey and New York and he’s going to do it, he’s driven by helping people achieve their desired smile.”

Part of her job within Diamond Braces and Smilify within the billing department is to answer all questions about insurance and financing options. “We’ve changed so much of how we bill and finance braces and Invisalign, we’re seeing so many more people take advantage of this offer.” Says Bernara.

Bernara knows that her smile will be always in style and radiant, she envisions herself smiling more than ever and can’t wait to see the changes over the next year. “Another reason why I love having these braces is that now I feel patients connect to be better and I’m able to give them better service because I’m going through exactly what they are going through.” Says Bernara.

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