Meet Jeffrey

You’re looking at the future of American Olympics. Jeffrey idolizes Michael Phelps and wants to follow in his footsteps of being a professional swimmer. Even though Jeffrey is only 11 years old, he has his sights on the future which is why he decided to get braces.
When Jeffrey goes back to school this autumn, he’ll be starting middle school. He wanted to adjust his smile so by the time he was ready to graduate middle school and become a freshman, he would have straight perfect teeth. He wanted to avoid being embarrassed as a teenager of his smile.

Jeffrey’s mom is a dental hygienist at Diamond Braces, she felt comfortable and assured him that he would receive the best care and service possible because everyone is treated like family at Diamond Braces.

“The service was great, I got to decide between getting metal braces, clear braces, or Invisalign. The staff explained to me the options and benefits of each treatment, I think I made the best choice possible for a kid of my age by going with clear braces”, says Jeffrey. Jeffrey’s mom says he was ashamed of his smile before, but now with braces he’s telling all of his friends how great the ladies are going to think his smile is by high school.

To say he is outgoing is an understatement, the staff at Diamond Braces was blown away by his charisma and confidence. He’s a proactive child who is very determined spending his free time away from school at the local YMCA practicing swimming and working out. Jeffrey says he looks forward to not working about his smile when meeting people or being photographed.

We can’t wait to see what his smile looks like in a year or two. If you’re a parent of a child who might need braces, call us now to schedule a consultation at the nearest Diamond Braces to you. Our back to school specials for braces and Invisalign are made to be affordable and stress free. Call us now: 201-308-8181

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