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Friendly Dental Care Your Kids Will Love (And So Will You!)

Give Your Children the Gift of a Healthy Smile with Pediatric Dentistry from Diamond Braces

It’s never too early to start caring for your child’s oral health! In fact, the American Dental Association recommends your child see a dentist within six months of their first tooth, and no later than their first birthday.

Diamond Braces is proud to offer full-service, affordable dental care for your family, with friendly service your kids will love!

From their first tooth to their grown-up molars, our world-class, licensed dentists will be here to care for your children’s oral health and protect their smiles for a lifetime.

Dentists and Orthodontists in One Convenient Location = Better Care for Your Kids

Streamlined services between dentistry and orthodontics ensure that any alignment issues can be attended to early, reducing the length of braces treatment or eliminating it altogether. Our dentists and orthodontists work side by side, making sure your child’s teeth are receiving the best care available, from infancy to adolescence.

Why early dental care for kids?

Healthy baby teeth help to protect adult teeth underneath, ensuring healthy development and growth

Early detection of improper tooth development allows for early interventions to redirect growth

Assessing the need for braces early can minimize length and severity of treatment later

Introducing children to proper oral hygiene leads to a lifetime of proper care, dental health, and a great smile!

Keep them smiling: schedule your child for a visit with a pediatric dentist at Diamond Braces today!

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