Dr. Oleg Drut Explains: All About Retainers

Dr Oleg Drut OrthodontistMy name is Dr. Oleg Drut and I am the Clinical Director at Diamond Braces. Here I will be giving you some useful information about retainers. Retainers are valuable tools for keeping your teeth straight and in the correct position after you have undergone orthodontic treatment, including braces and Invisalign.

After your braces or Invisalign treatment is completed, your teeth are at risk of shifting over time if they are not held in place using a retainer. This makes it very important for you to follow your orthodontist’s advice on how often you should be wearing your retainers.

The following types of retainers are offered at Diamond Braces, and the type of retainer that you use will depend on your preference and your orthodontist’s recommendation.

  • Clear plastic retainers (removable)
  • Plastic and metal wire retainers (removable)
  • Fixed retainers (not removable)
  • Vivera retainers (removable)

Retainer Care

The proper care for your retainer will vary depending on the type of retainer you are using. In general, you should take care when cleaning and storing your retainer, and follow the specific instructions given by your orthodontist.
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FAQs About Retainers

retainer FAQsYou may have some questions regarding your retainer use if you are just starting to use one. Even after you have had a retainer for some time, questions could come up if you forget what your orthodontist told you or if something unexpected happens. For these cases, our doctors and staff have built up a collection of patients’ most frequently asked questions about retainers.
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