Patient Testimonials

Braces Off! Show the World Your Beautiful Smile Jimmy!

Jimmy has been coming to us for about 14 months for orthodontic treatment. On August 19th Jimmy has finally completed his treatment and the braces are off! We have greatly enjoyed working with him for such a long time because of his bright personality. Read More »

New Braces! An Exciting Adventure!

Thank you for choosing us as the start of your new adventure Akzyinat!! Before you know it your teeth will be shining like never before, we look forward to seeing you often! Read More »

Can You Spot the Braces?

Today Elijah got his first set of trays for his Invisalign Treatment, can you tell? Invisalign is a wonderful tool that provides all of the regular benefits of metal or ceramic braces but is next to impossible to notice! Read More »

The First Step to Perfect Teeth!

Today Kai has taken his first step in the journey towards perfect teeth. You can easily see how excited Kai is by his already bright smile before beginning the bonding procedure with our accomplished assistant Rrona. Read More »

Another Bright Smile From Braces!

Today Victor is happy to have his braces removed so he could bite into an apple with no worries once more, after all eating an apple in slices and whole is quite different! Read More »

A Smile to be Admired

Olivia has long since completed her treatment at our Astoria location and came in for her check-up with us after 6 months. Read More »

Invisible Braces Work Best!

We are glad that you have decided to begin your treatment with us Brandon!! Read More »

Straightening Out in Staten Island!

It has been a long road Adam but together we have reached the end and your teeth have turned out exactly like you wanted them! Read More »

Satisfied Smiles Are Best

Right on Randy! Its been a long road, but with the company we share it seems like we finished our journey in just a day! Read More »
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