Ala and Ayah – Twin Bonding

Patient Success Story: Ala and Ayah – Twin Bonding

Nine year old twins, Ala and Ayah are the cutest third graders that have come to Diamond Braces office on Staten Island  for straightening their teeth. Dr. Palaganas is their treating doctor and he is very happy to have these lively twins as his patients. After a careful study of their dentition and clinical history, Dr. Palaganos has recommended comprehensive treatment with metal braces for both the girls. They will have to wear the braces for around 18-24 months and their treatment can be carried out without any extractions to give them these toothy smiles that everyone loves.

Ala wanted to have nice teeth and that is what Dr. Palaganos has promised to deliver. She has Class II malocclusion with crowding of her teeth on both upper and lower arches of teeth. Her upper right canine is blocked out and will eventually be brought in to position as the treatment progresses.

Ayah also has Class II malocclusion with an 8mm overjet and an impinging overbite and small lower jaw. Her upper left canine is impacted. This impacted canine might need surgical exposure down the line before it can be “pulled” into alignment. Ayah hopes to become a nurse someday and her attitude is oh so right for the profession. We wish her all joy and success.

The twins were initially hesitant and scared about getting braces. But, our staff at the Staten Island, New York orthodontic office explained all the details to them and answered all their questions, convincing them that the best way to get their dream smile was to allow Dr. Palaganos to go according to his plan for both of them. They seemed to understand and were full of excitement once they saw their braces with different colors in the mirror. Their enthusiasm is infectious and our staff looks forward to them completing their treatment successfully and dazzling the world with their beautiful smiles created at Diamond Braces.


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