Julia Has Her Smile Moment at Brooklyn Orthodontist Office

Patient Success Story: Julia Has Her Smile Moment at Brooklyn Orthodontist Office

Julia is an 11-year-old, middle school student whose fixed appliances were removed in our office just before she posed for this picture. She had an increased overjet and overbite for which her mum sought treatment at the Diamond Braces office at Avenue U, Brooklyn, NY. Being a dentist herself, Julia’s mum knows the importance and advantage of seeking early intervention in children who might be heading for serious malocclusions later on. Therefore, one should make it a point to go to an orthodontist for a checkup if you see your child showing any tendency of developing orthodontic issues. Dr. Oleg Drut was the treating doctor In Julia’s case and he suggested metal braces for her.

Julia wore her metal braces for eleven short months and now the results are there for us to admire. She too is very thrilled with the way her teeth look now and feels that now she has a nice smile, she can smile more often. Yes, Julia we also want to see you smile more often and have a beautiful smile always. Take care of your teeth and they will serve you well throughout your life. Julia loves to dance and we are sure that with her new smile and increased confidence she will do great on the stage too.

Since we removed the braces from Julia’s teeth, she is proud to flash her new smile. Even her eyes are smiling now. Just look at her! Good job, Julia! Thank you for choosing Diamond Braces. Julia’s mom is a dentist herself and only trusts Diamond Braces to treat her daughter. So we need not say anything more. One professional recognizes another professional and that is why we are the top choice on people’s list when they are looking to get orthodontic therapy for themselves or their loved ones.



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