Anthony is Very Happy with Brooklyn Orthodontist

Patient Success Story: Anthony is Very Happy with Brooklyn Orthodontist


Anthony came to us complaining of teeth that according to him were not straight. Well, the staff at Diamond Braces orthodontic office at Avenue U, Brooklyn, NY immediately got to work under the capable guidance of Dr. Cohen. On examination, we got to know that he had numerous orthodontic issues like edge to edge bite with locked out upper canines and an open bite in the canine region. Dr. Cohen devised his stepwise and customized treatment plan and advised Anthony to follow all instructions to make sure the treatment went according to plan without any hitches.

Seventeen-year-old twelfth grader, Anthony turned out to be a disciplined and dedicated patient. He took good care of his braces by brushing, flossing and being careful with his diet. It is rare to see so much discipline in one so young. We are really impressed with his focus. He wore his metal braces for two years and now they are finally off. Anthony is excited that his teeth look “so straight”. Well, Anthony we promised to take care of your complaint and we always deliver on our promises!

Now, that the braces are off, Anthony can go back to playing his beloved sport, basketball. He does not have to worry about any untoward injury because of his malocclusion and can smile as much as he wants without having to feel conscious about his teeth. Dr. Cohen has given him some tips on maintaining his smile and improving his game! We are hoping he slam dunks on both. His smile is covered under our lifetime warranty on smiles. He just has to follow the instructions given and he can come in anytime he feels there is a problem with his new smile. Anthony is starting with the retention phase of his treatment now and soon he will be done for good.


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