Aries Loves His Braces!

Patient Success Story: Aries Loves His Braces!

Aries is a 3rd grade student who wishes to become a pilot when he grows up. He is a very smart boy who knows what it takes to achieve great success in life and that is why he came to us at our Staten Island Office with his Mommy to find a solution for his anterior cross bite.

We did a thorough check-up of his teeth and came to the conclusion that his teeth had a very complex pattern and growth but nothing we could not handle. We established a procedure and both Aries and his mother were okay with it, and after that Dr.Cohen started on by placing metal braces which is the first step in this interceptive treatment.

Dr. Cohen told Aries and his mother that this may take a while but with time and patience we can achieve great results, may be better than what we expect.

We also explained that since his teeth are growing in a complex shape and pushing other teeth, it is extremely vital to properly clean the teeth and avoid any chances of cavity and other teeth/gums related problems. We handed Aries a small package that contains all essential contents that will help him keep his teeth as well as braces clean. These type of cases are little intricate and they need special attention from the patient as well as the doctors. But Aries is an intelligent young boy and understands the complexity of his teeth well and we are sure he will follow the instructions with utmost commitment.

Aries looked very happy with the entire procedure and he cannot wait to have an all new, bright and flawless smile. This picture of him with Dr. Cohen and his mother speaks for itself. We wish him all the very best and miss him already as he says goodbye to us.


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