Arjane Got Her Braces Off

Patient Success Story: Arjane Got Her Braces Off

Meet our patient Arjane, whose smile says it all. Two years ago she walked in wanting a better, beautiful smile and this Christmas, she has got exactly what she asked for and more. The magic weaved by our wizards at the Church Ave, Brooklyn NY  office has transformed the shy Arjane into a self-confident, young lady, ready to dazzle everyone with her perfect smile. She was under the care of our Dr. Moon who made sure she got all the information and instructions to take care of her oral hygiene. It is important to take good care by using proper brushes and regular follow ups to ensure the expected outcome. Arjane was extremely cooperative and her treatment results are outstanding. Now, all she needs to do is wear her removable retainers and take care of her teeth and gums as instructed. Retainers help ensure the stability of treatment. It is important to wear them to prevent any relapse. Your dentist will assess and let you know when you can discontinue their use.

Arjane’s smile transformation involved a lot of planning and her treatment was specifically customized to give the best results. Models and xrays of her teeth and gums/ oral structures were studied by our staff and a stepwise treatment plan was designed in a scientific manner, while keeping Arjane’s expectations in mind. Her needs were keenly listened to and her expectations were aligned with what was best for her based on our assessments and scientific studies. All the phases of treatment were explained to her and she was happy with the progress. Her excitement was infectious when she came for the removal of her braces. She was truly thrilled to see her teeth all perfectly lined up. She is ready with her million dollar smile and her picture by our office Christmas tree says just that!


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