Arkira Can’t Believe Her Smile!

Patient Success Story: Arkira Can’t Believe Her Smile!

Seventeen-year-old Arkira has been under Dr. Moon’s care for the past three years. Yes, three years seems like a very long time. But, today, after debonding of her braces, Arkira is be a very happy teenager, who is thrilled beyond words about her new bite and smile. When she came into our Diamond Braces Office on Church Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, she had a severe open bite that was causing a lot of difficulties in speaking, chewing and swallowing. She was not only seeking a cosmetic change, but also a functional improvement. After Dr. Moon evaluated her condition in detail, he suggested correction through a combination of surgery and orthodontic treatment. Arkira was fully prepared and made to understand each essential step that would be required to complete her treatment successfully.

Arkira’s surgery was a great success and recovery was uneventful. Her orthodontic treatment also went very well. A great treatment plan is very important to ensure that challenging cases can be dealt with in a manner that causes least inconvenience to the patient. If all steps are planned in minute detail, then everything becomes easy. For this, it is important to choose an orthodontist with lots of experience and skill. A specialist is best suited for such cases and Dr. Moon has years of experience in handling difficult cases. In fact, Arkira cannot stop raving about the expertise of her doctor and the rest of the staff at Diamond Braces. She feels grateful and never misses an opportunity to appreciate all the care and love she has received at Diamond Braces.

In her own words, Arkira says, “I am extremely happy with the experienced doctors and staff. I am a different person now and I am very excited about the way my smile and bite look and feel now!” Yay! That is what we like to hear!


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