Atika and Her Brooklyn Orthodontist!

Patient Success Story: Atika and Her Brooklyn Orthodontist!

Atika is an industrious student who likes working on her papers at school. Like most nineteen year old students, she enjoys sports and also loves to sing. Over the past three years, she has been under the care of our orthodontic expert, our orthodontic specialists  at our Diamond Braces office at 2848 Church Avenue, Brooklyn, NY. When she initially came in for a consultation, she told us that she was unhappy with the way her teeth looked and wanted a new, attractive smile. We assured her that we would deliver a smile that would make her feel healthy and confident. Her treatment plan was devised and executed by Diamond Braces excellent doctors  from the beginning till the end and today, when her braces were finally removed after three years, it was an emotional moment for Atika. She was super happy with her results and was very thankful to the team who always took care of her treatment needs and guided her when she needed help.

Atika’s results need to be seen to be believed. We are sure her dentist who referred her to Diamond Braces also will be very happy to note that we kept up his confidence and trust in us and delivered as he expected. It is always a pleasure to meet or exceed expectations, that too when it is a matter of professional trust.

Atika was always excited about choosing the color of her elastics/ties and would choose different colors and was very creative in choosing the right combinations of color to make her braces look like something everyone would want to have! Well, we are glad she had fun choosing the colors. She also had a special thank you for the staff at our office for being warm towards her and she says, her results are excellent and she is sure she is going to have a bright future with her new smile.


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