Ayse Just Got her Smile of a Lifetime!

Patient Success Story: Ayse Just Got her Smile of a Lifetime!

Ayse is a 33 year old, professional banker. She loves to read and sketch when she has time. Twenty four months ago, she was afraid to smile and used to feel awkward because her teeth were not aligned correctly. All this was finally changed when she walked in to our Diamond Braces office at 79 Ave U, Brooklyn, NY. She was put onto Dr Oleg Drut for consultation and treatment. Dr Oleg Drut and Dr. Cohen went through her history and records and diagnosed her case as Class I malocclusion with excessive overbite and overjet. Her teeth were almost sticking out, making her conscious and unhappy about her smile.

Dr. Cohen and Dr. Drut assured her of the best possible outcome for her malocclusion. Out of all the options provided, Ayse decided to go for ceramic braces. Ceramic braces are more esthetic than metal braces because the brackets are tooth colored/clear and blend into the teeth. They are popular among many adults as they are less noticeable because of their transparent nature. She was very eager to get on with the treatment from the word go. She was so excited about reaching each milestone and made sure her oral hygiene was faultless throughout the treatment.

Now, two years later, she is thrilled with her new smile. Just look at her smile! It is amazing! Her teeth look perfect, with all the teeth aligned beautifully in their new positions. Her braces were removed and now she will start with the retention phase of her treatment to make sure her pearly whites stay where they are. All of us at the 79 Ave U, Brooklyn, NY orthodontic office are very pleased to have made such a huge difference to Ayşe’s smile. In her own words, Ayse is no longer afraid to smile. We are glad Ayse chose us to partner her in this journey of hers. Congratulations Ayse! We wish to see you smiling always!


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