Brenda Her Smile Fixed in Brooklyn Orthodontic Office

Patient Success Story: Brenda Her Smile Fixed in Brooklyn Orthodontic Office

Two years ago, Brenda, a mum of two lovely boys came to us at 79 Ave U, Brooklyn, NY Diamond Braces office to consult an orthodontist about her dental issues. Dr. Cohen saw her and asked for a few x-rays and models to be prepared before recommending the various treatment options that would be suitable for her. After in depth analysis of her case, Dr. Cohen suggested her a few options to correct her excessive overbite and overjet. She opted to go for metal braces and Dr. Cohen guided her through the routine she would have to follow to take care of her braces and teeth while undergoing treatment.

In adults, the gum and bone condition has to be looked at before the teeth can be moved. Oral hygiene should be in pristine condition to achieve good, stable results. Any compromised state can lead to failure and make it worse for the patient. The orthodontist has a great responsibility to educate and create awareness in the patient about how they can complement the treatment by making themselves a part of the solution. The complete success of the treatment hinges on the team work between the orthodontist and the patient. We always insisted that Brenda visits her regular dentist to make sure her gums and teeth are in good condition while under orthodontic care.

Brenda, being a social worker understands what team work is all about and was a delight to work with. Her beautiful boys are her motivation and she loves spending time with them. Now, with her smile all fixed and beautiful, she can enjoy a fuller, healthier life with her boys and that is something so precious. We, at Diamond Braces, experience such heartwarming stories on a daily basis and this is what motivates our team to do better on a bigger scale every single day. Brenda has to wear her retainers for maybe another year and then she will be done forever with her orthodontic sojourn.


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