Brothers Getting a Smile Lift

Patient Success Story: Brothers Getting a Smile Lift

Micah and Jada are brothers who have been undergoing treatment at the Diamond Braces office at 17 Summit Avenue, Hackensack, NJ 07601935. Dr. Papasikos is their treating doctor and both the brothers have been wearing braces for the past two years. Micah is eighteen and Jada is fifteen years old. They are a cool set of brothers and have been rocking the Diamond Braces office with their infectious energy and jokes for every time they come in for their appointments. Now that they are done with the most important phase of their treatment, we surely are going to miss seeing them regularly.

Micah and Jada came in wanting to have “pretty teeth” that would make their smile look nice. They had crooked teeth with a few impactions. Impacted teeth are teeth that are buried under the bone or teeth that are partially visible, but cannot erupt fully due to some obstruction or other reasons. Dr. Papasikos took care of all the impacted teeth first and then ensured all the teeth were brought into perfect alignment. His skill is evident in the results that have been achieved in both Micah and Jada’s case. Incidentally, the boys got to know about Diamond Braces from the internet and having gone through the various sections on our website, they decided to come and get their treatment from us. That was one really cool move, Micah and Jada! Now that the treatment is over, they can go back to enjoy the music and sports that they both enjoy confident in the knowledge that they will never have to think twice about smiling confidently again. Come on Micah and Jada, we are rooting for you guys to get done with your retention phase soon and go out there and rock the party! just don’t  forget to wear your  retainers as instructed.


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