Bushwick Orthodontist Completes Treatment of One of His Patients

Patient Success Story: Bushwick Orthodontist Completes Treatment of One of His Patients

Sixteen year old, Bryam came to our office to continue treatment with metal braces. His treatment was started somewhere else and when he wanted to change his orthodontic care provider, he decided to go with the top rated, orthodontic office, located on Dekalb ave in Bushwick area of Brooklyn NY. When he came to our our Diamond Braces Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY office, Bryam met Dr Santana and they both had a long conversation to make sure everyone was on the same page regarding expectations and acceptable outcomes from both sides. Bryam always considered his teeth to be messed up and wanted a perfect smile.

Dr. Santana dispelled all the doubts that he had and continued with his treatment without a hitch. He made it a seamless process for Bryam and completed his treatment only in nine months.

Bryam is highly pleased with the outcome and says he feels much more confident about his smile now. He loves to play soccer, listen to music and practice karate. Now, he is going to enjoy doing all three activities with a huge smile on his face. He wishes to become a marine biologist and we are glad to see such focus and dedication in someone so young. He came to us based on his friend’s recommendation and we proved our caliber yet again by delivering on our promises.

Almost all our patients feel very comfortable at our office and end up becoming friendly with our staff. Bryam too thinks our staff is one of the friendliest that he has come across, especially in dental office. All of us were glad to see Bryam finally complete his treatment and head for debonding of his braces. Now we will be seeing him when he comes to get his retention appliance. We hope he sails through the retention phase easily and continues to be a great person to work with.


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