Church Ave Orthodontist Creation!

Patient Success Story: Church Ave Orthodontist Creation!


One of our most experienced orthodontists, Dr. Moon has created a masterpiece of a smile for Abdsara, who was referred to the Diamond Braces Office on Church Avenue, Brooklyn, New York by her cousin. She was super-motivated and eager to get her new braces as she wanted to have a pretty smile. She works for Bank of America and in her industry, it is very important to have a smile that is nice and pleasant. Now that she is through with her treatment and her smile looks as pretty as she wanted it to look, Abdsara feels really proud about her new, lovely smile and she is going to smile more often. What a nice thought! Everyone likes a smile coming their way any time!

Abdsara wore braces for a year and now she will start the retention phase of her treatment. She enjoyed coming to our office and says she truly appreciated the fact that everybody was so supportive and encouraging about her treatment. Yes, we agree! It is always important to ensure that the patient feels motivated to do the right things to help complete the treatment, according to the plan as long term treatment can get cumbersome at times.

Now that Abdsara has to just wear her retention appliance, she has promised to take care of her oral hygiene and health as before. She is looking forward to indulging in her favorite past times like playing soccer and spending time with her family with a more confident smile and approach. A great smile can really transform people and we are seeing this beautiful transformation in Abdsara. Come on, girl! We are really happy for you and wish you all the best. Do come for your follow up visits and say hello whenever you miss us!


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