Eleniz Got Her New Smile from NJ Orthodontist

Patient Success Story: Eleniz Got Her New Smile from NJ Orthodontist

Eleniz landed at our Diamond Braces, Hackensack, NJ office with complaints of crowded and protruding teeth. This 15 year old student was referred to Dr. Berk, one of our specialist orthodontists. He conducted a detailed assessment and diagnosed her case as that of class I malocclusion with crowding of upper and lower teeth, along with increased overjet and overbite. This is one the most common malocclusions we see in the office and based on individual preferences and needs, we design the treatment plan to suit the patient.

For Eleniz, metal braces with different color elastic bands were inserted  and the case was done  without any extractions to preserve the natural beauty of the smile.  Dr. Berk placed the brackets and arch wires for her. Her treatment was a breeze under the expert care of Dr. Berk and progress was apparent at each follow up visit. She wore her braces for almost 1.5 years and the results are there for everyone to admire. Eleniz is over the moon about her new smile and feels it has done a lot to boost her confidence. Eleniz is one our favorite teenagers as she has been extremely pleasant and cooperative to deal with. She would quickly understand what was required out of her and then cooperate fully to achieve the treatment goals.

Now, that Eleniz has got her dream smile, she has to move on to the next step of treatment, the retention phase. She will have to wear he retainers for at least a year till the teeth stabilize in their new positions. So, we will be seeing her for some more time at our Hackensack, NJ office, where she is welcome always. We wish her all the best and hope she figures out soon what she wants to do after her studies and shares it with us soon. We are betting on her becoming an expert orthodontist like Dr. Berk!


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