Eric Just Finished His Invisalign Treatment at Brooklyn Office

Patient Success Story: Eric Just Finished His Invisalign Treatment at Brooklyn Office

15 year old, 10 grade student, Eric has finally finished one and a half years of his orthodontic treatment under Dr. Oleg Drut care and has undergone of his invisalign attachments. He had crooked teeth as well as overbite that made him feel awkward and shy. He could not smile freely as he wished to hide his teeth as much as possible as they were crooked. Now, his confidence is high and he smiles proudly. He has started with the retention phase of his treatment and is brimming with new found joy about how nice his smile is now. Eric is really excited and showing his smile to every one.

Eric has been an extremely cooperative patient who followed all the care instructions that were given to him. He used all the proper brushes and brushing techniques that were recommended by us and kept up with all the follow up appointments. His invisalign treatment was started keeping in mind that he is an active sports player who enjoys tennis, skateboarding and running. Dr. Drut has made sure all his teeth are in perfect harmony and lined up beautifully in his arches. The staff at Ave U, Brooklyn, NY are excited to see the difference in Eric’s confidence after his treatment is finally over. During the treatment, Dr. Drut had advised Eric about all the precautions he needed to take to make sure his treatment was completed smoothly. Eric has been a model patient and deserves all praise for the lovely outcome of his treatment.

He will have to wear the retainers now and will have to come in to our Ave U, Brooklyn, NY office every six months to make sure there is no relapse. Wearing the retention appliance is very important to prevent the teeth from going back to their original positions. The use of retainers can be discontinued only when the orthodontist is convinced that the teeth are good in their new positions. With Eric, we are sure he will sail through this phase too and charm one and all with his brand new smile.


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