Erik Has a Perfect Smile! Thanks to Brooklyn Orthodontist

Patient Success Story: Erik Has a Perfect Smile! Thanks to Brooklyn Orthodontist

Congratulations! Erik has a great smile!

All of fifteen years old, ninth grader Erik has been taking treatment Diamond Braces in Avenue U, Brooklyn, NY under the care of Dr. Oleg Drut. He is being treated with metal braces and has been wearing them for the past two years. Today, it a momentary occasion for Erik as he is going to get them off and flash his new smile at everyone. When he came in, he had many complaints with his teeth. Dr. Drut listened to him patiently and checked his dentition and bite. Erik had issues like midline shift, blocked out canines and increased overjet and overbite.

Anyway his malocclusion is a thing of the past now. He was so happy when his braces came off. Erik is a typical teenager who is smart and shy at the same time. His new found confidence because of his bright new smile is already palpable. According to him, he is very happy with his new smile. He hopes to maintain it forever!

From a self-confessed computer geek who said he doesn’t have many hobbies, Erik now says, he is ready to smile when they click his pictures. This proves how much of a personality change a good smile can bring about. One becomes more sociable and confident. Now, Erik doesn’t want to hide behind his computer all the time. He wants to go out there, click selfies with his friends and be comfortable with his smile, knowing it looks great. It has given him a great psychological edge.

All he needs to do now is wear his retention appliance and be diligent about his oral hygiene. Given his ability to be fastidious, this should be another cakewalk for this young man. We are very happy with the success of his treatment. Three cheers, Erik!!!


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