Gal Had His Moment of Smile at Diamond Braces in Hackensack

Patient Success Story: Gal Had His Moment of Smile at Diamond Braces in Hackensack

Fourteen year old, Gal is a “little wonder” who is a professional table tennis player. He is a celebrity in his own right as he is one of the top table tennis players in the US already. We were all excited to see him walk into our Diamond Braces office at 17 Summit Ave, Hackensack, NJ. He came to us to seeking the options available to him to straighten his teeth. Dr. Berk and Dr. Oleg Drut took care of his orthodontic treatment from the start. Initially he had an impacted canine with crowded upper and lower teeth and increased overbite

Gal had to wear braces for a few long years and he was treated with metal braces. He was mad to understand all the necessary steps that he had to follow to take care of his oral hygiene. In spite of his busy schedule with his tournaments and his studies, he made sure he took good care of his braces and oral hygiene, resulting in an overall textbook precision kind of treatment results. His impacted canine was also guided into proper position with the expertise of Dr. Berk.

When one has worked so hard to reach where Gal is today, one looks for the best partner for any needs and understands that champions are made of stuff that sets them apart from others. We are very proud and happy that Gal chose us as his service provider for his orthodontic treatment . Gal is also glad that he had chosen us as he is absolutely delighted with the services he has received.  His upper and lower retainers were fabricated and inserted and all instructions were given. Gal also received life time smile maintenance guarantees from Diamond Braces to make sure his teeth stay this way in the future.  Gal is very impressed with our new office and is happy that his teeth look much better now. It is our pleasure to be recognized as the “go to” place for champions!


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