Great Smile Accomplished!

Patient Success Story: Great Smile Accomplished!

Azaiea is a 14-year-old student who enjoys soccer, law, and dancing. For someone who has such varied interests, it is important that they also have perfect health and a beautiful smile to match. According to Azaiea, the main reason she started treatment was to have a better smile that would make her feel confident and happy. She spoke to her sister and her sister advised her to go to the best place in the business with expert doctors and lot of experience. That is how she landed up at the Diamond Braces office on Church Avenue, Brooklyn, NY.

She was seen by our team of experts and she received very good care that she was very pleased with. Azaiea could not contain her excitement as we were removing  her braces and she was over the moon when she finally got to see her teeth after the braces were off and got her retainers.  She is very happy and cannot stop smiling. This was the moment that she has been waiting for, for the past two years that she has been undergoing treatment. She actually told us that this was her most favorite part of the treatment and we too cannot stop smiling since we heard that!  She is extremely happy with her choice of orthodontist and really thankful to all the staff of Diamond Braces office.

We wanted to know from Azaiea as to how her new smile would affect her future and she happily told us that she feels people will think more positively about her. Well, we do agree Azaiea. When people become confident about themselves and start looking at everything positively because they feel happy inside, it reflects outside and other people start noticing you for the positive and lovely person that you are. If your smile makes a difference by spreading positivity, we are all for it. You go girl! We wish you all the best.


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