Great Smile, Jezebel is Sooo Proud of It!

happy female patient smiling after completing treatment

Jezebel is eighteen and loves to play softball. She also works as a cashier and felt that she needed better, straighter teeth in her customer facing role/job. She has been receiving treatment from our Dr. Berk at the Diamond Braces office at 17 Summit Avenue, Hackensack, NJ 07601935. Over the past two years, she has been a regular patient who has been eager to report any changes seen during her treatment. She has been excitedly waiting for this day and her joy knew no bounds when her braces were finally taken off for good by Dr. Brent. In fact, as her braces were being removed, she commented that this part was definitely her favorite part of the treatment. We really could not stop from grinning!

She is very happy with her results and has this to say about Diamond Braces, “Great Staff and very good place if someone is looking to improve his or her smile and to get Invisalign or braces. This is the place to be if someone has issue with the smile.” We wholeheartedly agree with you Jezebel and promise to keep up the good work. Do come in for your retention treatment and follow all the instructions. You can qualify for our Diamond Braces Lifetime Smile Maintenance Guarantee. This is to ensure that you will never be unhappy with your smile again! Do go through the details on our website or speak to a member of our staff to know the complete details. Not only will you save money, you will also get priority, professional care by orthodontic specialists. Well, we not only believe in giving our customers a great smile, but also multiple reasons to smile. So, Jezebel, keep smiling and be happy. You look lovely with your new smile and your ear to ear smile says it all!


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