Happy With Brooklyn Orthodontist Doctor

Patient Success Story: Happy With Brooklyn Orthodontist Doctor


Ninth grader Bryanna came with many orthodontic issues to our Diamond Braces office in Avenue U, Brooklyn, NY. Dr. Cohen immediately got to work trying to design the best treatment strategy for the sunny fourteen-year-old. This was a challenging case as Bryanna had a midline shift with a cross bite, over retained milk teeth and constricted upper jaw with a deep overbite and excessive overjet. Too many complications that needed individual attention to sort out. Dr. Cohen is very experienced doctor when it comes to treating complicated cases. Such challenges are his forte and the results speak for themselves.

Bryanna wore metal braces for almost two years and now the high schooler looks like a prom queen! She has a dazzling smile that complements her sunny personality. She is very excited that she has a beautiful smile now. She loves playing the guitar and we almost expect a new song about her smile from her! Bryanna came at the right time to get her malocclusion corrected and we could leverage the natural growth phases to make sure her jaw growth was balanced early. Now, no one can tell that her upper jaw used to be constricted because of which she could have developed several problems with speech, swallowing, chewing etc.

As usual, when Bryanna was asked to give her feedback about her experience at Diamond Braces, she had this to say, “I’m very happy and enjoyed coming to Diamond Braces office”. Making a fourteen-year-old happy is a tough task and we are glad we were able to do so. Hope to see Bryanna complete the retention phase of her treatment also with flying colors. Diamond Braces will be providing her with a lifetime warranty on her new smile as long as she meets all the conditions.


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