Havis is Excited to Start Orthodontic Treatment

Patient Success Story: Havis is Excited to Start Orthodontic Treatment

Eleven year old Havis came to our Church Avenue, Brooklyn, NY office as his overbite was bothering him and his dentist referred him to Diamond Braces as the “go to” place for orthodontic treatment.

Dr.Moon examined him and suggested model analysis of the casts made by recording impressions of Havis’s teeth and surrounding structures/tissues to diagnose the correct underlying cause of his deep overbite. X-rays were also studied and Dr.Moon has come up with a treatment plan to suit Havis. All the options were explained to Havis and his parents by the staff and instructions regarding what to expect and how to take care of braces and teeth during treatment were given.

Havis is fully prepared to wear his metal braces after all the prepping by our staff and is super excited to start his treatment which is estimated to get over in the next twenty months. Metal bracketswith arch wires were placed on his teeth and he could use colored elastics as recommended by Dr.Moon. The success of the treatment is mainly based on patient compliance. Havis has promised to take utmost care of his oral hygiene and turn up for all his appointments.

Misaligned bites can interfere with proper eating and maintenance of oral hygiene leading to higher risk of dental decay, gum inflammation and also stress to the tissues and teeth. It also affects the self-esteem of a person if the smile appears unaesthetic. These are generally hereditary, but can also result from childhood habits like prolonged thumb sucking, bottle feeding, tongue thrusting; early loss of milk teeth; poor fillings and restorations etc. Havis has come at the right age to treat his deep overbite. It is easier to treat these issues in children than adults as their jaws are still developing and corrections through proper guidance are simpler and much more effective.


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