Hypplite Gets Her Improved Smile in Brooklyn

Patient Success Story: Hypplite Gets Her Improved Smile in Brooklyn

Hypplite, is a 27 year old, health care professional visited our Diamond Braces Church Ave, Brooklyn, NYoffice based on her friend’s recommendation. She believes that a good smile/image is like a passport that is required to make a good impression wherever you go, be it among friends, colleagues or any social gathering. We agree with Hypplite and that is the reason we take so much pride in what we do at Diamond Braces- Fixing people’s smile. It is highly challenging, but, a very satisfying job.

Hypplite was treated by Dr. Esther Moon and it took almost 2 years for her teeth to be brought into alignment. During treatment, Hypplite was given a special kit with special tools and all the information required to keep her oral hygiene intact. All the pros and cons of undergoing orthodontic treatment were explained to her by Dr. Moon and Hypplite was a fully compliant patient who was a joy to work with throughout.

Her dream was to have an excellent smile and we have just made sure her dream was realized with help and support from us. Apart from compliance, an adult patient has to be evaluated for bone support, root length and favorable periodontal status before the teeth can be moved. Any systemic health conditions need to be taken into account and if the patient is on any medication, that too needs to be factored in to the treatment plan. All these factors can impact the length and outcome of the orthodontic treatment, thus they should not be ignored. Dr. Moon did a thorough investigation and then planned the treatment to suit Hypplite’s specific case. The results of such precise and detailed work are now available for everyone to see. Hypplite, being a health care professional, has been very impressed by the cleanliness and hygiene maintained at our office and is glad to have chosen us. We are glad too!


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