James Got His Braces Off at Jersey City Location

Patient Success Story: 	James Got His Braces Off at Jersey City Location

James is a freshman in high school. He is also a singer and pianist. He came to our Diamond Braces office at Jersey City, NJ two years ago seeking a consultation with an orthodontist. He was put under the care of Dr. Arianna Papatsicos, who evaluated his malocclusion by ordering some x-rays and models. His was a case of severe crowding of teeth with a significant overbite and overjet. These issues, if not corrected on the timely basis, may result in significant  functional and soft and hard tissue damage. It is important they are corrected to achieve esthetic and functional stability.

James was chose to go with the option of metal braces. He was asked to take good care of his teeth and braces, using the instructions and special tool kit provided by Diamond Braces. He wore his braces for 2 years and now his teeth have come into perfect alignment. His overjoyed with his results and is looking forward to get his upper and lower retainers to make sure the teeth will not shift and smile stays beautiful We would be more than happy to see James every 6 months for retention check and to make sure his smile and his teeth staying healthy and beautiful.

James had to get used to singing with the braces in place initially and it took some adjusting to. With his positive attitude, he was able to overcome the small hitch and back to singing without any difficulty soon thereafter. One thing about James that all of us at Diamond Braces cheer for, is his sense of style. According to James, now he has a smile to match his awesome sense of style. His treatment is successful because he was a co-operative patient who followed all the oral care instructions perfectly. We wish him all the best for his future as a singer and pianist.


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