Jennifer Just Completed Her Aligner Therapy. Great Job!

Patient Success Story: Jennifer Just Completed Her Aligner Therapy. Great Job!

Jennifer was excited to finally complete her orthodontic treatment at our Ave U, Brooklyn, NY office and to remove her invisalign attachments. She had them on her teeth for about 18 months now and she couldn’t wait to complete the treatment and to show the world her beautiful smile. Indeed, just look at her smile now!

About one and a half year ago, Jennifer came to us with a clear picture in her mind regarding the type of treatment she was looking for her teeth. This young lady demanded an intense plan for her crowded, rotated teeth and overbite which would not only bring her teeth in uniform shape but also not include wearing metal braces that may affect her look. Considering her needs, we suggested the Invisalign treatment for her and impressions were taken and aligner fabricated ad the very first tray was placed over her teeth.

On returning to us on the monthly basis, she already looked changed and happy because the aligners had done an outstanding job. Now her teeth have shifted in the desired direction and position and there is absolute uniformity in their shape. We removed the aligners and attachments and fabricated upper and lower retainers that will keep Jennifer’s teeth in the exact position and disallow them to shift as she gets older. Jennifer felt extremely happy on finally completing her aligner therapy. Her teeth look so good and her smile is perfect.

Jennifer told us that the entire treatment was a life changing experience for her. She smiles more often now without the fear of catching unwanted glares at her teeth. Her confidence levels are high and she feels more positive in her endeavors. She was very determined throughout this time and maintained a healthy routine for her teeth and aligners by keeping them clean. This is why the results are remarkably awesome.

The retainers we placed will need check-ups and she will have to come back to us every six months so that we can be sure the retainers are doing their job and her teeth are in a good position.

We wish Jennifer all the good luck, request her to follow her retainer check-ups and not forget to smile whenever she thinks of us.


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