Jenny Had Her Braces Removed at Clifton, NJ Office

Patient Success Story: 	Jenny Had Her Braces Removed at Clifton, NJ Office

Please meet Jenny. Her case, has been one of the most satisfying and challenging cases that have been treated by our orthodontist specialist Dr. Sullivan at our Clifton, NJ office. Jenny had metal braces. She had multiple issues with her dentition and occlusion. After a thorough evaluation and examination, Dr. Sullivan diagnosed her case as a class-III malocclusion with spaces between her upper, lower teeth and an anterior open bite. All the first molars, except the upper right first molar, were missing in her upper and lower arches. Her treatment plan was designed to make sure her smile was corrected and she ended up having an esthetic profile. She was also provided with special care instructions to take care of her teeth and oral hygiene during her treatment.

A pre-braces scaling and check-up was done to make sure her mouth was in perfect condition to begin treatment. She wore her braces for 2 years and now her smile is the proof of the magic that Dr. Sullivan has achieved. She is delighted with her results and cannot wait to go to her home country, the Dominican Republic to show her new smile to her family and friends. We are as excited as Jenny to hear about the reaction she get from her people.

An underbiteĀ and anterior cross biteĀ  type malocclusion makes the lower jaw appear protruded giving an unaesthetic appearance. Jenny is very happy with her appearance now and we have asked her to make sure she wears her retainers as recommended to prevent any relapse. She has promised to follow all instructions and oral care measures as she understands the importance of doing everything by the book. Jenny is a great inspiration for adults who hesitate to undergo orthodontic treatment fearing pain or change in appearance that it might result in. It is important to take treatment if your malocclusion is severe and causes functional and esthetic issues. We wish Jenny all the best and good future trips to Dominical Republic.


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